CryptAPI has no set-up or monthly fees, we also do not have any commitment

We do have a very straight-forward and very small fee structure, that is subtracted from your payments

For each coin we have a minimum transaction value, below which transactions are disregarded, a minimum fee and a percentage fee.

Our system's fee is the greatest value between the minimum fee and the fee percentage of the value of the transaction.

Percentage fee is tiered based on payment volume of the last 30 days, the tiers can be checked on the table below.

For the list of cryptocurrencies check this page

30-day Volume (USD) % Fee
$0.00+ 1.000%
$5,000.00+ 0.900%
$10,000.00+ 0.850%
$25,000.00+ 0.800%
$50,000.00+ 0.750%
$100,000.00+ 0.700%
$250,000.00+ 0.650%
$500,000.00+ 0.600%
$1,000,000.00+ 0.500%
$2,500,000.00+ 0.400%
$5,000,000.00+ 0.300%
$10,000,000.00+ 0.250%