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Without registration, set-up CryptAPI seamlessly on the most popular Ecommerce platforms.

Why you should start
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An optimized checkout process that grows your conversion


99.9% uptime that increases your customers' loyalty


100% chargeback protection that saves your funds from fraud

Problems that you
will solve with us

Set up CryptAPI seamlessly on the most popular E-Commerce platforms.

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Fraud and chargebacks

Merchants ultimately lose out on $118 billion in sales due to false positives each year. Cryptocurrency and our security audited payment gateway is the best synergy to keep your funds safe.

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Difficult checkout process

A poor checkout process increases the abandonment rate to 70%. Our crypto processing methods consist of 3 simple steps and no sensitive customer data required.

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Lack of risk reporting

Lack of transparency of operations might lead to the risk of prosecution by a legal authority. All incoming transactions in our payment gateway analyzed by trusted risk-scoring services to detect suspicious ones.

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Expensive Maintenance

Traditional PSPs require high rolling reserves and high monthly maintenance fees from high-risk businesses. Our crypto processor charges only a flat fee for operations.

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Customer Data Protection

Traditional payment methods are vulnerable due to the required sensitive customer data. The crypto payment gateway processes a transaction without them and protects all sides.

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