Update to "estimate" endpoint

Update to "estimate" endpoint

1 year, 7 months ago

Hello CryptAPI community!

We are very happy to announce a new update to our "estimation" endpoint. This endpoint is meant to give an estimation of the blockchain fee for the said currency/network in the crypto currency and in FIAT. Before we only supported the conversion to USD, but with today's update we started supporting the conversion to every FIAT you can find in our "info" endpoint (e.g EUR, GBP, CAD, ETC ). This will make this endpoint useful in case you want to add the estimated blockchain fees* to the order total, for example.

This means that, in the said endpoint response, we replaced the estimated_cost_usd for a estimated_cost_currency wich returns an object with the value in FIAT.

* Attention: This is an estimation only, and might change significantly when the transaction is processed. Also, CryptAPI's fees aren't included in the value.

Notice: We don't process FIATs, the values represented by our API are just informative conversions made to help our costumers.