Fee estimation, value conversion, and revamped documentation!

Fee estimation, value conversion, and revamped documentation!

2 years ago

The team at CryptAPI is always looking for ways to improve our system and to give our customers a better and easier experience, and because of that we take your feedback and ideas very seriously.

In order to give you more flexibility and more ease of use, we have added 2 new API endpoints and revamped our documentation.

Blockchain Fee Estimation Endpoint

The first feature that was requested was a way to estimate blockchain fees, so you can either charge your clients the blockchain fees, or automatically select a lower cost blockchain if fees are above a certain threshold.

In order to allow that we have added a new endpoint, /estimate/. This endpoint has 2 optional parameters: addresses and priority, which are the number of output addresses (address_out in the /create/ endpoint) and the priority of the transaction (same as the /create/ endpoint), respectively. If not sent, the system will estimate the fees for a 1 output address default priority transaction.

This endpoint returns an estimated_cost and estimated_cost_usd, which refer to the estimated cost in the cryptocurrency where the fees are paid in (BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, etc) and the estimated cost in USD, respectively.

Worth noting that, while we have taken every contigency to make our estimation as close to reality as possible, it is just an estimation, and on some blockchains fees can change significantly in a short amount of time, so it may not be the same as when we forward the funds to you.

Also, the amount estimated in this endpoint does not include CryptAPI's fees, which will vary based on the amount transacted and volume discount.

Value Conversion Endpoint

Another very common question we get is "how do I convert from USD to BTC?" or "How do I convert from BTC to ETH?", and usually it requires you to fetch the prices from our /info/ endpoint and making the calculations yourself, but no more!

The new endpoint is /convert/ and does precisely this, it takes 2 required parameters, value and from, which, as you may have guessed, are the value to convert and the currency to convert from. The from parameter can take either a FIAT currency (from the ones we support on the /info/ endpoint) or another cryptocurrency that we support, and will return the value_coin and exchange_rate, which will be the value converted and the exchange rate between the 2 currencies.

We do not actually exchange between the currencies, just convert the value to help your integrations.

A few examples:

  • Converting $100 USD to BTC:
  • Converting 5 ETH to BNB:

  • Converting 1 BTC to TRX:

Revamped Documentation

We have also completely revamped our documentation, with a more modern design and easier to understand layout, where the examples are right beside the schemas, which we hope will help you understand the functionalities better. We also made the callback documentation more visible and easier to understand.

And, of course, these 2 new endpoints are already on the documentation, so you can check them out right away!

Telegram News channel and Discord server

In order to provide better assistance to you and to keep you safe from people impersonating our team, we are phasing out our Telegram group.

Instead we have created a Telegram channel for all news regarding our service and a telegram account just for support @cryptapi_support.

Our Discord server will also play a much bigger role in the community support, and we are commited to grow our community there, where is much easier to keep track of conversations and support requests.

Beware of people claiming to belong to our team and asking you money. The only people of our team on our Discord server are the ones marked as "Admin" or "CryptAPI Team", and on Telegram only @dwjorgeb, @stemor00 or @cryptapi_support.

We hope you appreciate the changes we have made and continue to enjoy our service!