Minimum BTC values and multi-address multiplier reduced, QR code improved & more!

Minimum BTC values and multi-address multiplier reduced, QR code improved & more!

2 years, 6 months ago

Hello CryptAPI community!

Today we are very happy to announce several improvements to our service, including reduced BTC minimum values, QR code generation improvement & more!

So, without further ado:

BTC minimums reduced

Due to the increase in BTC prices, we have reduced the minimum value of a BTC transaction by 20%, from 0.0001 to 0.00008 BTC.

Multi-address multiplier updated

Before today, the minimum transaction value was multiplied by the number of output addresses. We have changed this formula in order to make it easier and more affordable for you to use multiple addresses.

The new formula is as follows: 1 + (N - 1) / 3, where N is the number of output addresses.

This change affects all the currencies we support.

On the table below is a comparison of old and new multipliers, with the BTC minimums as example:

  Old New
Num. of addrs Multiplier Min. Value Multiplier Min. Value
1 1 0.00008 BTC 1 0.00008 BTC
2 2 0.00016 BTC 1.33 0.0001064 BTC
3 3 0.00024 BTC 1.67 0.0001336 BTC
4 4 0.00032 BTC 2 0.00016 BTC
5 5 0.0004 BTC 2.33 0.0001864 BTC
6 6 0.00048 BTC 2.67 0.0002136 BTC
7 7 0.00056 BTC 3 0.00024 BTC
8 8 0.00064 BTC 3.33 0.0002664 BTC
9 9 0.00072 BTC 3.67 0.0002936 BTC
10 10 0.0008 BTC 4 0.00032 BTC


In order to make this value more transparent to you, we have added the minimum_transaction_coin field on the address creation response (on the /create/ endpoints), which will return the exact minimum value for the number of addresses you have sent.

Maximum number of output addresses

We have restricted the maximum number of output addresses to 10. We believe 10 output addresses will be more than enough for all use cases and we've implemented it to prevent abuses.

QR code size & improvement

We have added an optional new GET parameter size to the QR code generation endpoints, this will allow you to set the size (in pixels) of the QR code. The minimum size is 64 and maximum is 1024, with the default being 512.

We have also improved the QR code resolution by reducing the white borders, so it looks better and is more legible when embedding in pages.

Our team hopes you like the improvements we have made, we look forward to hear your feedback!