Sandbox, general info API, and upcoming changes to the API URL

Sandbox, general info API, and upcoming changes to the API URL

3 years, 5 months ago

Today we're glad to officially announce a couple of the most requested features!

By far, the most common question we get is: "is there a sandbox to test your API?", and the response was always "no" - until today.


Starting today you can test our API using our sandbox feature!

The sandbox will behave very close to the real API, with only 4 notable changes:

  1. no discounts based on volumes
  2. a "sandbox=1" parameter will be sent on the callbacks, and "[SANDBOX]" will be prepended to the payment notification emails
  3. confirmation priority setting will be disregarded
  4. there's no /info/ endpoint on the sandbox

As of now, we are only supporting the BTC testnet, and have no immediate plans to support other chains.

The URL to use the sandbox is:

Therefore, you can request an address like this:

General Info endpoint

As requested by many, we've added the endpoint which groups info about all the cryptocurrencies we support, including prices and minimum values.

Upcoming API URL change

On 25/09/2020 our API's URL will change from to . From then on, all requests made to will be automatically 301 redirected to

This change also includes dedicated API infrastructure, which, according to our internal tests, should have 10-20% performance improvement over the current system.

The new system can already be used, but it's still in the testing phase.


As always, any issues or questions, please let us know.