Fees Manager Feature

Fees Manager Feature

3 years, 3 months ago

As promised on past weeks, we are proud to introduce a newly added feature to CryptAPI system: the fees manager.

From now you can give a custom priority to manage the fees related to your transactions by adding a new parameter creating the addresses, called "priority". (Please check our documentation for more info)

The "priority" values are:

- "economic" (cheaper, longer confirmation time expected)

- "default" (a good "balance" between cost and expected confirmation time)*

- "fast" (more expensive, reduced confirmation time expected) 

*whenever the "priority" value is not set, it will fall back to the "default" setting

You can add the this feature to the transactions related to any coin, even if so far it will work only with BTC (one of the most affected by the TX fees spikes) and LTC.
In the near future we will do our best to include more coins: as usual, we will keep you updated!

Stay tuned!