Upcoming Callback Change

Upcoming Callback Change

3 years, 7 months ago

In order to make our callbacks easier to parse and more robust for the future we are making some necessary changes to a couple parameters on our callbacks (both pending and confirmed callbacks).

New Parameter:

result - this new parameter will take the following values: ['pending', 'received', 'sent'], similar to our /logs/ endpoint (https://cryptapi.io/docs/#/Bitcoin/btclogs), where:

pending - transaction from user is not confirmed yet;
received - received payment from the user;
sent - forwarded payment to you;

Updated Parameters:

pending - this parameter will also appear on the confirmed callback, but, obviously, set to False

Although it should not be a breaking change, in order to give you guys enough time to check and update your systems, these changes will be implemented a week from today, at 00:00 UTC of 27/04/2020.


As this seems to be unclear in our documentation (we will be updating it shortly), for ERC-20 tokens, if you request to be notified about the pending transactions (&pending=1), the pending callback will trigger after we're received the payment but before we've forwarded it. In this scenario, the pending parameter will be False.

This is due to the nature of ERC-20 transactions, which are really never in a "pending" status.