New Features: POST callbacks & converted values

New Features: POST callbacks & converted values

3 years, 10 months ago

Today we're unveiling 2 new features: POST callbacks and converted values on callbacks!

POST callbacks

This new funcionality can be set by setting the new optional parameter post to 1 (e.g &post=1), when creating a new payment address. All callbacks from that address will be POST'ed to your service. Requests without the post parameter as well as callbacks for already created addresses will keep being sent via GET, for backwards compatibility.

Converted Values

Two new parameters are sent on callback: - value_coin - value_forwarded_coin As the names suggest, these new parameters will be the values of value and value_forwarded converted to the main currency denomination, respectively. These new parameters were also added to the /logs/ endpoint. Our documentation page has been updated to reflect both these changes. We hope you enjoy these new features!