Logs endpoint improvement

11 months ago by Admin

In order to help debug payment notifications, and because we had some suggestions for this, we've decided to add a new item on our /logs/ endpoint.

Inside each callback, which represents a payment, there will be a new item, called logs, which is a list of the last 10 times our server tried to notify yours.

This information includes the request URL our server used, the response, HTTP status code, timestamp and estimated next try (this is a rough estimation and might not be totally accurate).
In the case that our server will not retry the request (either because it's marked as successful, or because 30 days have passed and has been marked as expired), then the next_try will be null.

For more info, please check our documentation, here: https://cryptapi.io/docs/#/Bitcoin/btclogs

Like always, any suggestions, please let us know or add them on our feedback form (https://forms.gle/Y8XRZ3STm86Qrqeb9)!

Best regards,

CryptAPI Team
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