About Us

CryptAPI has been simplifying cryptocurrency payments for thousands of customers since it's inception in 2018.

We are a small dedicated team, working to make the cryptocurrency payment integration and experience as smooth and as straight-forward as possible. At the moment we support some of the most common cryptocurrencies and a several ERC-20 tokens, such as USDT, USDC, BNB, among others.

Our focus is to provide our customers an evergrowing array of tools and features to simplify their cryptocurrency payments and become a feature-rich payment solution in the cryptocurrency space.

Why us?


Multi-currency Integration

Accept payments in multiple cryptocurrencies without extra code.

Low Fees

Low fees & no hidden costs

Our service's fee is as low as 0.25% on your customers' payments.



Secure SSL/TLS requests and hot/cold wallet setup to keep your funds secure.

Fast Payment

Fast Payment Confirmations

Our system is designed to provide the fastest payment confirmations.

No Registrations

No Registrations

No registrations, applications or API keys.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Generate a new payment address with literally 1 line of code.


No Polling Required

Our system will notify your callback when the payment is confirmed.


Privacy Oriented

No personal details required to start getting paid.


Our base fee for all cryptocurrencies is 1%, which can go down to 0.25% based on volumes transacted in the last 30 days.
We also have a minimum fee and a minimum transaction value, that vary depending on the cryptocurrency selected.
The minimum transaction value means that transactions below that value will be disregarded. This was implemented to prevent people spamming our system with useless transactions.

The final fee is calculated as the maximum value between the percentage fee and the minimum fee.
The transaction information we keep is the information you can access via our Logs endpoints.

No other information is recorded or kept.
No, you don't need any API keys to use our service and get paid.
No registration of any kind is necessary to use our service and get paid.
Yes, we have the live chat on our website, contact form, and Telegram support group.